Monday, January 26, 2009

8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About New Browns GM George Kokinis

1. He doesn't celebrate Columbus Day.

2. He hates his first name and if given the choice would rather be a "Derek."

3. Is an avid tank top enthusiast.

4. Has never actually touched a football.

5. Has a lower back tattoo that reads "You Wish."

6. In college he had an internship with the "Little Debbie" company.

7. Combs his hair an average of 42 times a day.

8. His favorite Destiny's Child song is "Bug a Boo."


Anonymous said...

Brady Quinn is his secret bugga boo, can't wait till Jim Donovan finds out or better yet Carl Monday.... I can see the special report now.....

Anonymous said...

Kokinis and Manginia are actually living together. The Browns have had no success with traditional methods, so they are going with an Ace and Gary type of tandem. There will be many press conferences with spandex and pompoms. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Keep it coming. I'm going to start getting all my Cleveland sports news here. Good stuff.