Tuesday, January 13, 2009


When I lie my head down to sleep and shut my eyes for the night, I'm usually welcomed by 5 images. These faint illustrations flash into my mind without warning and I count on them to help me rest. They are comforting. They are warming. And most of all, they are awesome.

My first 4 "shut eye images" are nothing out of the ordinary -- things most good natured Midwestern folks probably think of. In no particular order, they are:

1. Time lapse footage of a Rubik's Cube being put together.

2. A million of the brightest stars in the galaxy forming a constellation of Dennis Quaid's grinning face.

3. A burning Fender Stratocaster guitar being played by a reptile/human hybrid.

4. Myself cruising around out West in a Ferrari made out of strawberry Fruit Roll-ups.

Then today I saw the following pictures on the Internet and almost freaked my seat:

That's my number 5! When I close my eyes at night I see these exact images!

Now I know this is just some commercial shoot for a fancy shoe or beverage, but I can't help feeling like LeBron has Freddy Kruger powers and is invading my thoughts. Either way, I'm going to start thinking about Wally Szczerbiak in a Pistons uniform a lot more often.


Hub said...

First it's the Yankees hat at the Indians playoff game, then it's the Cowboys getup at the Browns first game, and now this........wait a second......this is freaking awesome! That is so cool I bet it could make Randy Lerner say a word, one word...any word.

I'm glad to see a new post on the blog fellas, I was getting kind of annoyed with always seeing "VOTE!" everyday for the last couple of months.

Rock said...

Whoa, look who's back! Good to see a new post on here.