Friday, August 8, 2008

Brett Favre Introduced as NY Jet (in Cleveland)

Brett Favre: "I truly believe things happen for a reason and I want to let everyone know just how excited I am to be sitting here today. I mean, look around folks, this is Cleveland -- this is football Americana. Jim Brown, Otto Graham, Lou Groza. Ben Gay. Having the chance to come to a place like Cleveland -- with all their football history -- and officially become a New York Jet is something really special. I remember once meeting Bernie Kosar back in 1992 and him telling me, 'kid, if you wanna play football the right way, in front of the right people, you gotta be in Cleveland. You gotta be a Brown. And if you can't do that, at least try to get there for a press conference where you're introduced on another team or something.' At the time I thought Bernie was high, but I have to say, I get it now. To have the opportunity to sit here Cleveland, Ohio and become a member of the New York Jets is something I will tell my grandchildren about."


Anonymous said...

Congrats making the front page of TCF! First TCF, next the world!

Anonymous said...

And for anybody reading for the first time, I *highly* recommend "A Day in the Life of Travis Hafner".