Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cleveland Browns: Living on Lists

The list of injured Brownies is growing faster than a sidewalk smoke snake. The team has now placed receiver Joe Jurevicius on the PUP list (physically unable to perform) and former boy band singer Kevin Kasper on the IR (injured reserve).

But it doesn't stop there. The following players have been placed on an assortment of other "lists", most of which should have no affect on actual playing time:

Braylon Edwards: PUCS List -- Physically Unable to Not Look Cool in a Three-Piece Suit

Shaun Rogers: PUSOY List -- Physically Unable to Mix in a Salad or Yogurt Every Once in a While

Kolomona Kapanui: VUNPO List-- Verbally Unable to Have Name Correctly Pronounced by Ohioans

Romeo Crennel: FUPA Reserve List

Derek Anderson: EUCGS List -- Emotionally Unable to Care About Anything his Girlfriend Ever Has to Say

Phil Dawson: PUiP List -- Physically Unable to Use an iPhone

Donte Stallworth: CUGIGA List-- Culturally Unable to 'Get Into' the Latest Season of Grey's Anatomy

Brady Quinn: Fragile Face Reserve List

Dave Zastudil: UCFA List -- Unable to Convince his Father He's a Real Athlete

Steve Heiden: MUSP List -- Mentally Unable to Solve a Level Three Sudoku Puzzle in Less Than 20 Minutes


Sargent said...

FUPA reserve...excellent.

Travis Wilson needs a list; just not sure what it could be.

Mike said...

You didn't hear about the list that Travis Wilson is already on?


Cant Live Up To Tall Expectations.......Retire.

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