Saturday, July 5, 2008

Joe Borowski: Born to Blow Saves

Joe Borowski's blown save against Chicago on July 2nd was his last as a Cleveland Indian. During the 2008 season the man affectionately known as "Joe Blow" had managed to turn late inning collapses into something of an art form.

Well, turns out Joe Borowski is a full-fledged save blowing connoisseur with a lifetime full of experience. Below you'll find some Borowski's more entertaining blown "life" saves:

Blown Save #42: Elementary School Theater

During a 1st grade production of The Wizard of Oz, 6-year-old Joe Borowski enters the stage for the third and final act as "The Man Behind the Curtain/Oz." Just as Borowski is about to deliver his first line and conclude the show, he begins to sway back and forth on stage. Young Joe then proceeds to vomit all over the Tin Man, Dorothy and Toto. Several children begin to cry uncontrollably and the curtain falls before the play can finish. "Thanks a lot Joe," says one classmate. It's not the last time he will hear those sarcastic words.

Blown Save # 565: Christmas

As the morning winds down, Papa Borowski hands a special package to Mama Borowski. She looks at the gift and smiles. Teenage Joe, who knows what the gift is, walks into the room just before she begins to tear the wrapping paper off. "Oh mom, you're going to love this. Tickets to Jamaica mon." Bewildered, his father shoots Joe an angry look, "are you kidding me son?"

Blown Save # 1,068: Scrabble

Joe and his in-laws battle it out in a heated 2-hour game of Scrabble. With only a dozen tiles left in play Joe announces he's grabbing a drink from the kitchen. Upon standing up from his seat Joe bumps his knee on the edge of the table knocking the Scrabble board off its swivel stand and sliding every single tile out of it's place. "Well, I hope your happy Joe," says his mother-in-law.

Blown Save # 2,424: At the Movies

Joe, an avid M. Night Shyamalan fan, attends a screening of The Sixth Sense for the 4th time during it's opening week. With 30 minutes left in the film, Borowski involuntary utters aloud, "Man, I can't believe Bruce is dead too." A shocked theater turns to Joe. "What the hell dude!?," a man asks.

Blown Save # 3,872: Surprise Party

The Cleveland Indians players and employees set up a surprise birthday party for assistant GM Chris Antonetti at BW-3's in Strongsville. As the party goers wait for the guest of honor, Joe realizes he left the card he bought Antonetti in his car. He quickly runs out to the parking lot to retrieve it. As he opens his car door he spots Antonetti walking towards him. "Hey, Joe, what are you doing here?" A bumbling Borowski tries to talk his way out of the question but fails miserably. "Uh, hey Chris, what's up? I'm just here to, uh, apply for a job, I mean (smacks himself on the head). What are you doing here? Is it your birthday or something? I mean, we aren't having a party for you in there or anything. Oh man, I gotta go, I'll see you later." Joe jumps in his car and speeds away.

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