Sunday, July 27, 2008

When Ken Dorsey Drinks...Ken Dorsey Talks

Browns third-string quarterback Ken Dorsey entertains a couple of visiting high school buddies (Matt and Trevor) at the Applebee's bar in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. We pick up the action at about nine beers in...

Trevor: Dude, I don't get it. There's like two dozen hot girls here and not one has asked to buy you a drink yet. Back in the day you used to inhale body shots like it was your job.

Matt: Yeah man, how am I suppose to pick up your leftovers when there's not even a main course.

Dorsey: That's what I've been trying to tell you bro. (hiccup) I don't know what the deal is -- it's not like the old days 'round here.

Trevor: But dude, you're Ken Dorsey! Ken "holds every passing record at Miami, nominated for two Heisman's, won a National Championship" Dorsey. I figured you'd be on cereal boxes 'round here by now.

Matt: Yeah -- you shouldn't be drinking at an Applebee's in Cleveland (takes sip of beer) you should be buying and selling 'em via stock markets and shit!

A young blonde woman approaches the trio and singles in on Ken.

Trevor: Well, hello.

Woman: Do you play for the Browns? My girlfriends over there claim they saw you at training camp the other day and dared me come over here and ask you.

Matt (shocked by the question): Does he play for the Browns?

Woman: Yeah -- or work for them, like as a towel boy or something?

Dorsey (rubbing eyes): No, I'm a player.

Woman: Oh my gosh (looks back to girlfriends and shakes her head)! Are you serious? Do you know a lot of the players? Please tell me you do -- because listen, I have to ask you -- do you know what brand of underwear Brady Quinn wears? We're all dying to know.

Matt: What?!

Trevor: Who cares about Brady Quinn, this is Ken Dorsey honey! He's a legend.

Dorsey: Yeah, I know Brady. In fact, I actually play the same position as him. I've even kind of mentored him.

Woman gives Ken a blank stare.

Dorsey: Ummm okay, I think he wears Hanes boxer briefs.

Woman: Ahhhhhhhhhh! I knew it!

Laughing, the woman runs back to her table of friends.

Matt: What the hell.

Ken Dorsey stands up and paces back and forth down the length of the bar.

Trevor: You alright man?

Matt: Yeah, forget that chick. She doesn't know anything and besides, she totally had a duck face. Hey, let's do a shot, it's on me.

Matt orders three shots of J├Ągermeister.

Matt: To 9,565 passing yards. A Miami record that shall never be broken!

The trio drink down their shots.

Dorsey (still standing): You know, one chance. One frickin' chance, that's all. Give me the ball, in a meaningful game, for one series. Then look me in the face and try and tell me I'm third string.

Trevor: Dude, that's what I've been saying all along.

Matt: Yeah, with your o-line and receivers -- forget about it. Cleveland would be "Dorseyland" in a matter of minutes! Every kid in this state would be dressing up as "Number 11" for Halloween for the next 20 years.

Dorsey: They won't give it to me though. (turns voice into annoyed squeal) "Just keep running drills with the practice squad, Ken. Just keep working with Brady, Ken. Here Ken, hold this clipboard. " (turns voice back to normal) "You know what, you hold it Derek. And while your at it why don't ya hold my nuts" (spits into empty beer mug). Brady and D.A. -- a pretty boy and a dude that looks more like a hamster than a human being.

Trevor: Yeah! F 'em all (grabs crotch)!

Dorsey: Nah man, I don't mean that. (hiccup) Derek's my bro. So is Brady. I'd take a bullet for those guys. It's just -- no one in that entire organization knows what I'm capable of. You know that in my 2 years with the team I've never once thrown a pass to Braylon Edwards. Not even for fun. In fact, I don't know if I've even shaken the guy's hand.

Matt: I mean, how can they call you the backup's backup if they won't even let you play with the team's best wide out?

Trevor: For real. What the hell is wrong with this franchise? Did they just not watch college football during 2000 or 2001? Don't they understand they're flushing gold down the toilet?

Dorsey: Listen, I'm not saying I could just step under center -- game one -- and just (hiccup), actually that is exactly what I'm saying. I would tear it up right from the first snap. Game 1, look out Cleveland because the first ever 150 point game in NFL history was just brought to you by Kenneth Simon Dorsey.

Matt: KSD!

Trevor (high fives Ken): Man, it's a shame. You got a pro bowl -- no scratch that -- you got a future hall of fame arm just wasting away here in Iowa.

Dorsey: We're actually in Ohio, Trev.

Trevor: Eh, same shit.

Dorsey: You know -- it's getting to the point where I'm just going to have to say something to Romeo next week (hiccup).

Trevor: You totally should.

Dorsey: I'm going to. (points to Matt) "Look Crennel -- you either start me or I walk. It's that simple. You put me in a game or I put my fist in your throat, got it?"

Matt (puts hands up): Woah, that was good -- no guys, I really mean it, you totally convinced me just there. I'm not joking.

Dorsey: Because here's the thing (rubs eyes) -- if I pack my bags and head to Canada next week I'm the star of the CFL and America just looks the fool for letting me go. The shit is political in a way.

Trevor: And just unfair to CFL cornerbacks trying to make a living.

Matt grabs the arm of a young man walking past the bar.

Matt: Hey! Look at that face -- do you know who this guy is? Do you?

Young Man: Uhhh, are you our waiter? Because we still haven't gotten our chicken quesadillas and its been like 20 minutes.

Matt (let's go of man's arm): Dude, get the hell out of here.

Young Man (walking away): Can we get some extra guacamole with them too?

Trevor: Dude, let's jet.

Dorsey: Yeah, I agree.

Matt: Let's just go back to your place and watch your VHS of the 2000 National Championship game.

Dorsey: It's already in the VCR.

Dorsey throws down some cash on the bar while Matt and Trevor stand up. The three buddies then exit the restaurant.


Kevin said...

That was hilarious!! Still, I'll bet I'm not the only one who's wondered "what the heck could Dorsey do behind this awesome O-line passing to #17"?

Mike said...

Dude, I was at that Applebees. That actually happened. That Trevor guy gave me five bucks to ask for Dorsey's autograph.

I put it up on ebay as soon as I got home. Some guy named Matt bought it for $50 bucks.

ihavechappedlips said...

Hahah. D-Andy and Quinn never got hurt... Kenny D just punched Romeo in the mouth and made him lie.

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