Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Asdrubal Cabrera did something tonight at Progressive Field that only 13th players in the history of Major League Baseball have ever done: he turned an unassisted triple play. It happened in the 5th inning when Toronto sent the runners on a pitch that Lyle Overbay eventually lined to a diving Cabrera at second base. Asdrubal got up, stepped on the bag and tagged out the runner from first.

As he headed to the dugout, Cabrera tossed the ultra-rare baseball into the crowd. "He flipped it into the stands and right as he did cried out, 'Oh, no!' " first-base coach Luis Rivera.

Can you imagine being the fan who caught the ball? Who can say they have a baseball from an unassisted triple play? I mean, I wonder where the other 13 are -- I'm assuming either in the Hall of Fame or being used by super secret scientists to research time-travel or something.

All I know is the person who now has it is probably either going to win the pick-six lottery or get struck by lightning. Maybe both.

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