Monday, May 5, 2008

Tribe Drops Abercrombie & Fitch Model/Outfielder

The Indians cut left fielder Jason Michaels today, clearing roster space to promote Ben "I left my heart in San" Francisco (suck it Chris Berman). Anyway, goodbye .207 batting average and nine RBI's, you will be missed.

The video below is TDBR's farewell to Michaels.

I bet you he signs with the Royals and hits a clutch HR against us sometime in September.


smadden23 said...

Paul Hoynes is reporting that Julio Franco has just un-retired and will take Michaels roster spot.

Todd S. said...

That is great news! Let's sign him to a 10 year contract. Then the Cleveland Clinic can use his body to conduct robotic/human experiments and we can have the first cyborg baseball player. And an over 50 one at that.

smadden23 said...

Quite possibly over 60.

Back to Francisco, Mark Shapiro stated in his news conference yesterday that Ben would be wearing a blond wig while playing for the time being in an effort to ease fans through this "transition period" out of the J-Mike era. I really don't think that's necessary.

Todd S. said...

Haha, NICE!

The Indians also have a scheduled "Jason Michaels Day" in July where the entire lineup will meekly flyout for an entire game.

smadden23 said...

Nice use of the word "meekly". That's a word you just don't see enough.

Hopefully, J-Mike left his hair products in his locker so that Dellucci can use them on his beard.