Monday, May 5, 2008

Julio Franco Hangs it Up

Former Cleveland Indian and borderline mummy Julio Franco has retired from professional baseball. Besides his age, the only other noteworthy thing I can recall about Franco was that he was the first player I ever heard get affectionately "booed" by Indians fans (Juuuuliooooo). I remember having that explained to me by my older brother and it blew my frickin' mind.

Anyway, to put Franco's long career in perspective, here is a snapshot of the country the year Julio began playing:

Number of MLB teams: 26
U.S. President: Herbert Hoover
Top Grossing Film: The Day the Earth Stood Still
Price of a gallon of gas: 30 cents
Hair Conditioner is invented by Swiss chemist Dirm Von Stefanos
The first Woolworth store opens in New York
World Series Champion: Harrisburg Diplomats

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