Monday, June 30, 2008

Burbaland, OH

Man in Red Hat: So you're tellin' me you could still pitch in the big leagues?

Dave Burba: Oh yeah. I get 30 calls from all 30 MLB teams everyday, begging me to pitch for them. I just don't think it would be fair to all the younger guys out there playing though. Why should I suit up, night after night, just to embarrass people? Its not the way I was brought up. I know how to harness my "warrior" and use it for other things now.

Man in Red Hat: Wow...will you sign my face?

Dave Burba: Sure, what's your name?

Thanks to Jen, who saw Dave at the SABR convention this weekend, for the photo. And this one too.

Also "Burbs Up" to Clay for this picture of Dave signing an autograph at Insurance Company Field on Friday night.

Alright, I'm headed to the store to buy a blue short-sleeve button-up shirt and a pair of khaki pants. It shall now be my everyday "uniform."

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