Wednesday, June 11, 2008

LeCharles Bentley Ends His Stroried Browns Career

Cleveland Browns center LeCharles Bentley asked to be cut this afternoon. The Browns responded with a should-shrugging "yeah, whatever."

The man who was paid millions of dollars to essentially strut around Northeast Ohio in Browns gear for 2 years finally had enough. Apparently, he freaked out that the team had the audacity to play someone else in his position while he rehabilitated for 2 seasons.

Its been a strange 24 months for LeCharles and the Browns. Let's take a quick look back at the highlights of Bentley's stint in Cleveland:

  • July 27, 2006: During the first day of training camp, Bentley lines up at center for his first play as a Brown.

Well, that's pretty much it -- we all know what happens next. Torn patellar tendon, a boat load of surgeries, a gnarly staph infection, contract reductions.

But man, you have to admit, that spilt second before he destroyed his knee in Berea was a pretty special moment.


Dan W said...

What an odd ending to this whole saga. I'll always wonder what could have been with a healthy Bentley on the line, but it's hard to disagree with the team's decision to cut him loose. Hopefully he's able to to come back strong with someone else.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind Bentley... It's time to start Brady Quinn. Only the Bad News Browns would leave a quarterback of his caliber wasting away on the sidelines.