Friday, June 27, 2008

Doogie for Dave

On the night of Friday, June 27th, while the Cleveland Indians battled the Cincinnati Reds, something happened high above the diamond at Insurance Company Field. It was a miracle, phenomenon, and seismic occurrence all wrapped into one. On Friday, June 27th, while the Cleveland Indians battled the Cincinnati Reds, a baseball warrior like no other stepped into the Sports Time Ohio broadcast booth to share some of his infinite wisdom. If you have not heard the news yet, its true:

Dave Burba has made his first public appearance since 2006.

If you were watching STO when Burba paid the visit, consider yourself one of the fortunate ones. I, myself, am unfortunately not in this special fraternity of viewers. At the moment, I cannot even formulate words to describe how tortured I am by that fact.

I refuse to give up though. I can't give up. If an idol of Burba's made a rare TV appearance and he missed it, would he just say "oh well, too bad?" No way -- he would fight. He would fight like the warrior he is (actually, I can't even imagine that Dave Burba has any heroes -- who could that man possibly look to for guidance or inspiration besides himself?).

The bottom line is that I need to see this video folks. I plan on not only posting it to this site but also transcribing Burba's words to use as my own personal manifesto.

So here is what I'm proposing: if anyone out there can upload the Burba segment onto the web and send it to me (, I will in return mail them a very special prize. What's the prize? Well, I searched long and hard to find a suitable gift and have decided to go ahead and sacrifice my very own DVD copy of Doogie Howser, M.D: Season Four. Below is a picture for proof:

From personal experience I can honestly say, season four was pretty solid. Among other things, Doogie buys a gun, performs his first solo surgery and finally moves out of his parent's house for a loft in Venice Beach. All in all, its a good watch.

So there you have it, Doogie for Dave. If you can send me the video I will send you 4 discs of kid doctor bliss (because I only have one copy, only the first sender will receive the prize).

Finally, while I wait to view the Burba video, please feel free to post any information about the appearance in the comments section of this post. Quotes, Burba's demeanor, emotions you personally felt while watching, whatever you want. I need your help guys. Thanks. Viva la Burba!


Anonymous said...

Dude seriously? You've got some serious issues that you might want to seek help to resolve. Surely there have GOT to be better things out there that you could be spending time doing right?

Anonymous said...

Best. Comment. Ever.

Anonymous said...

no way, don't stop posting.
I just found and bookmarked it today, and I am not a Cleveland fan at all.

This is one of the funniest blog on the net.

go padres!
go Dave Burba!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! I took a couple of photos of Dave at the SABR convention. I will send them to you if you surrender your Doogie Howser DVDs.

Todd said...

Thanks all you "anonymous" folks.

And to # 4 -- man, I have to say, the Doogie DVDs for the Dave photos is tempting, but I have to hold out a bit longer just in case someone comes through with the video.

RockKing said...

Don't you kind of get the feeling that anonymous #1 and anonymous #2 are the same person?

RockKing said...

@RockKing: Best. Commment. Ever.

Anonymous said...

this is frank ravalli i want these doogie howser episodes send them i m a big fan of neil patric harris the address 3905 dale rd #b modesto ca 95356