Friday, June 20, 2008

The Cleveland Indians: Making Jeff Baker Feel Good About Himself Since 2008

The Indians completed their 3 day Rocky Mountain surrender last night, dropping another winnable game, 6-3.

All I can really assess from the series is this: Jeff Baker is frickin' awesome. In fact, after these 3 games I'm convinced Baker is the most prolific home run hitter I have ever seen. He will most likely surpass every record Barry Bonds' holds, and he will do it in the next 5 years.

Well, at least he would if the Indians pitched to him every game.

I bet Jeff Baker is legitimately depressed to see the Cleveland staff leave town. They must have boosted his ego unlike anything else he's ever experienced. The guy would probably like to surround himself with the likes of Paul Byrd and Aaron Laffey all day, everyday.

I imagine him showing up to the Denver airport, right before Cleveland takes off, just to spend a few extra moments with Tribe pitchers and attempt to raise his self-esteem just a tad higher:

"Hey guys, its me Jeff, just wanted to catch ya'll before you leave town. I had a great time playing with you this week and was wondering if you guys wanted to maybe shoot some hoops or play a little ping-pong before you take off? I have a table in my truck. Just figured, we had such a good time with baseball -- no you don't, that's cool too. But before I leave, any of you guys interested in a quick pick-up game of Scatogories while you wait? I have the travel edition. Byrd, you in? No, too tired. Cool. Hmmm, well, wanna just have a "see how long you can hold your breath" tournament then? Jeff Baker vs. Cleveland's starting staff? Sowers, come on man, you down? No, just leave? That's cool too. Alright, see ya guys later, let me know the next time you're in town."

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