Friday, September 12, 2008

"Are You Serious, He'll Shake You Like Jell-O"

Move over 87Hizzetfield -- the Cleveland sports Internet music scene just got an upgrade. Earlier this week a LeBron superfan, who calls himself "lebronjames750", released the following music video, appropriately titled "LeBron James Song."

Some quick thoughts:

--The first 11 seconds of this video are by far my favorite part. From now on I plan to enter every music filled room with those exact moves -- especially the Mermaid-ish backstroke diddy.

--2 identical wine colored jerseys? My theory -- he put the jersey on his Christmas list and both his Grandmas bought one. After opening the second he just figured, "shit, you can't have too many LBJ shirts."

--The posters in his "cross-over garage" (at :36) are very peculiar. Near the left of the frame, you will find a white sign with a drawing of a hoop and ball (the ball is twice the size of the hoop) that simply reads "SCORE." Really? Score? Maybe it's some kind of "meta" observation on modern athletics -- I mean, "score" is the object of all sports after all.

--If lebronjames750 is right -- and LeBron James' does indeed fire off a gun on the court this season -- I really hope he shoots Kirk Heinrich.

--At first, the finger snapping near the end caught me off guard. However, after several viewings I must admit, it's a nice touch. Very "Fiddler on the Roof."


Fletch said...

I agree, what an uncanny entrance to a song! Great find and you gotta love the posters in the garage!! "Hoop it up!" and "Go Devils!"

Love it

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Fletch said...

2 jerseys? I think the one on the wall has a stain on the front and so my man had to re-stock!