Thursday, September 18, 2008

Indians 2009 Schedule

At this point, the only thing a fan of the Cleveland Indians really has to look forward to is next year. Well, next year just got a little bit closer this week as Major League Baseball released the 2009 schedule. Below are some of the highlights:

--The Indians begin the season on April 6th with a 3 game series against the Rangers in Texas.

--The home opener at Insurance Company Field is April 10th with the Toronto Blue Jays.

--April 16th, the Tribe will play the very first game against the NY Yankees at their new stadium in the Bronx. This will be a great chance for the Indians to usher in a new losing era of Yankee baseball.

--The Atlanta Braves will pay a visit to Cleveland during the weekend of June 21st -- but not to play baseball, just to hang out.

--Because of a scheduling typo that Major League Baseball cannot fix, 2 of the Indians August "day" games will be played at 1:05AM rather than 1:05PM.

--May 25 will be "Fan Unappreciation Day." Vendors will only dispense 2 dollar bills and Canadian coins as change, the PA system will produce a constant hiss of feedback, and the jumbotron will display a giant middle finger all game long.

--During the weekend series of August 21-23, Indians players will wear retro home jerseys from the year 2006.


Anonymous said...

LOL... I greatly look forward to 2006 retro jersey day.

Anonymous said...

Haha I love reading your blog! perfect medicine for the true Cleveland fan. Thanks!