Thursday, September 4, 2008

Travis Hafner's Fantasy Football Team

With his time away from major league baseball, Cleveland DH Travis Hafner has apparently taken up a new hobby -- fantasy football. However, by the looks his recent draft it appears Pronk has taken the "fantasy" concept a bit too literal. Below is Hafner's "team":

QB: Joe Montana
RB: The T-1000
RB: R. Lee Ermey
WR: An African Cheetah with surgically attached human hands
WR: Lucy Lawless
TE: Tony the Tiger
W/R: Criss Angel
K: Jackie Chan
DEF: Kimbo Slice, Boba Fett, and 9 separate clones of the "Kool-Aid Man"

QB: Randy Johnson
RB: Matthew McConaughey
RB: Eddie Van Halen
WR: Manute Bol
WR: Braylon Edwards
WR: A Hummingbird, who has been exposed to toxic waste, and grown 150 times its original size
TE: Evan (from MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge)

HEAD COACH: Maury Povich
TEAM OWNER: Scrooge McDuck

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